Greywing is delighted to be collaborating with S5 Agency World to deliver the latest updates on where Crew Changes are taking place near your vessel’s route. Using our Proximity Port Alerts technology and the latest Crew Change data from S5 we are able to offer Users a routing tool which enables them to see exactly where crew changes are taking place given their current voyage plan.

“Within days of hearing our request S5’s data analytics team did an exceptional job of setting up an automated export of their data clearly showing where they and their clients are successfully conducting Crew Changes. Within a week of the Greywing development team receiving that data we saw Shipping Clients using that routing tool to identify alternative options along their vessels voyage plan to conduct crew changes.”

– Nick Clarke, CEO and Founder of Greywing


“S5 was introduced to Greywing through one of our partners and within 48hrs we were in direct communication with the Nick, the CEO of Greywing, discussing how our joint IT solutions and access to large amounts of data on crew movements could help our respective clients.
We quickly identified that S5’s presence on the ground in 350+ ports and Greywing’s ability to quickly consolidated data from additional sources such as the airlines and vessel routing made for a game changing value added solution for supporting clients during these difficult times of Covid-19. The solution allows manning teams around the world to quickly see where crew changes are possible along their route.”

– Jason Berman, Senior Vice President at S5 Agency World