Starting this month [May 2021], S5 will be responsible for the smooth operation of 100% of Proman’s shipments; covering 50 ports spanning Europe, Asia, South & North America.

S5’s extensive knowledge and understanding of local marine businesses will also support Proman’s ambitions to supply Methanol as a Marine Fuel in ports around the globe. Available now, conventional methanol made from natural gas is a cost-competitive, safe and fully biodegradable marine fuel that offers a pathway to meet IMO 2030 and 2050 carbon and GHG emissions targets. Increasing investment in sustainable green methanol production will further cut lifecycle CO2 emissions by over 90%.

Proman and S5 share a commitment to excellence and we look forward to taking our partnership forward and leveraging S5’s vast experience in port operations for the delivery of our products.  

About Proman

Proman is a global leader in methanol, fertilizer and other natural gas derived products. Proman’s unique fully-integrated approach encompasses the entire value chain, from development through to operating and logistics. More information: Click Here

 About S5 Agency World
S5 Agency World is a leading shipping industry partner offering global shipping agency services and hub solutions. The company extends its passion for shipping beyond services and into innovation that matters. S5 Agency World is committed to Making Shipping Easy and enable their clients to best run their business globally. We have the ambition be the world’s leading shipping services provider by delivering best-in-class services to our customers through continuous innovation. Acting as the one stop solution for charterers, ship managers and ship owners/operators in local ports all over the world, S5 Agency World gives its clients total confidence and transparency of what is taking place with their vessels and funds. With a focus on the detail, S5 is able to deliver the best in shipping agency services, from cargo services to owner husbandry services to international hub services. More information: www.s-5.org