S5 Agency World’s celebrating 20th year of excellence and beyond

Posted by Thi Pham

London, 5th July 2024

As a world-leading Global Hub and Port services provider, S5 Agency World (S5), has pioneered maritime efficiency over the last 20 years.

Founded in 2004 by the largest regional port agency companies, we have been committed to delivering transparency, efficiencies, and operational excellence. Our focus has always been to provide top-notch services to our clients and utilising technology to support our teams. Throughout our journey, we have consistently pursued the highest standards in shipping and maritime operations. 

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2024, we do not forget our heritage dating back to the 18th century. We are proud to have grown our team to over 3,000 staff and have assisted our clients in more than 87,000 port calls per year. We really look forward to even greater achievements in the years to come.

In our first ten years, we brought transparency and innovation to the industry our state-of-the-art operating system Agency World. Based on feedback from our clients that we are helping to “Simplify Shipping”, we have since built our second generation operation system called Simply5 . During this time we also expanded our footprint further across Europe, establishing multiple offices to solidify our position as a leading port agency services provider whilst rebranding our European Structure fully to S5. In addition, we continued to further strengthen our structures and processes by expanding our internal focus on standardisation and compliance. This focus has led to. the attainment of several industry certifications, such as ISO9001, 45001, ISAE3402, etc.

In 2012, the company achieved a significant milestone with the opening of our global hub in Mumbai which has grown to more than 200 team members today. Our hub has allowed us to continue to offer truly 24/7 support to our clients no matter the service or the location in the world.

In May 2024, our Mumbai office moved to a more spacious facility to provide a nicer and better working environment

In 2015 we expanded the S5 brand into Asia by acquiring Jardine Shipping Services. This strategic move truly globalised our S5 brand and operations, extending our network further by adding 52 offices covering more than 230 major Asian ports.

An illustration showing our worldwide coverage 

Throughout our journey, S5 has focused on digitalisation to support both our internal staff and clients. Our in-house team continues to develop our Simply5 platform which has proved to be effective addressing issues such as transparency, systems integration, data analytics, standardisation and geographical distance. The industry as a whole was further put to the test by the Covid-19 Pandemic and our global hub structures and system capabilities proved to be a game changer for our clients by allowing them to streamline communications, and reporting, reducing inefficiencies and providing transparency while many of our teams were having to work remotely helped. 

In 2021, First Dutch became a shareholder, boosting our presence and helping us grow bigger with extended offering of low-carbon solutions to our customers worldwide. And just this year, we’ve partnered with Norton Lilly to better serve ships in the Americas. This collaboration aims to expand our reach and services to our clients in wider Americas, helping contribute to a decarbonised, sustainable supply chain.

Last week, we celebrated our 20th anniversary in London with the clients and partners who have witnessed our growth and the challenges we’ve overcome. The event was a gathering of old and new friends, where past, present, and future met. We shared our vision and discussed the challenges we face as we aim to make S5 even greater and continue Making Shipping Easy and Sustainable in this new era. We will keep combining human know-how with digital solutions to make port calls smooth and simple, anywhere in the world.  

We celebrated our 20th anniversary in London

S5’s long-standing partner, Nete Egebjerg – MD / Director, Commercial Operations at Seapeak. said: “S5 has a deep understanding of the local port regulations and possesses the necessary resources to ensure our operations are conducted seamlessly and in compliance with all relevant requirements. They have consistently demonstrated a high level of professional interest in optimizing port calls and used their expertise in their field to obtain savings in time and costs.”  

Speaking on the anniversary, S5’s CEO, Alejandro Barthold has shared: “The future of maritime, will be based on working together as we tackle the energy transition and face up to climate change. At S5 we have continued to expand and build strong partnerships that were part of the vision of our founding members. Our recent collaboration with Norton Lilly will further strengthen the relationships that are the basis of our success. Our dedicated team continues to deliver the highest service to our clients, always pushing boundaries and setting new industry standards. We will continue to pave the way for another 20 successful years.” 

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