S5 and B-Gas complete a New Integration with S5’s Simply5 system and Softmar

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B-Gas A/S and S5 Agency World have been partners dating back to the days of Eitzen Gas, prior to being acquired in 2011 by Bergshav Management AS, Norway; Lorentzens Skibs AS, Norway and a group of other Norwegian shipping investors.

From the beginning of the partnership S5’s Simply5 system have been integrated with B-Gas #Softmar system allowing for streamlined process and data flow.

Jacob Frugaard, Senior Operations Manager of B-Gas says;

The partnership with S5 has brought many time savings, cost savings and process efficiencies over the years and continues today. The new integration we have just completed allows us to take our existing process/integration to new levels for future productivity improvement projects as we move forward.”

This new integration for B-Gas, between S5 and Softmar, is based on standardized API functions allowing for easy two-way communication between S5’s #Simply5 system and #Softmar which can easily be rolled out to any join client.

Jason Berman, Chief Commercial Officer at S5 Agency World Ltd says;

two-way integration with our clients systems allows the flows of both Operational and Financial information creating a unique platform that can automate the many process and shipping companies which today are regularly done manually. With this new integration, shipping companies can truly benefit from a single system access point, which makes it easy for clients to have a streamlined view of both operations and financial activities.”

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