Internal efficiency is achieved through simplified processes tailored to your specific needs which are managed through our hub structure and intuitive systems. By providing full transparency of operational and financial information, your staff have immediate and on-going access to active and historic data.


Additionally the potential for two-way integration with your voyage and accounting systems eliminates multiple inputs and the potential for error. Simplified online communications reduces the burden of managing email traffic.

of final DA accuracy within +/- 10%

Time and effort can be saved through online nomination and DA approval processes being managed via a single screen. Document retrieval is significantly accelerated through web based documentation management.

These efficiencies are enhanced by our clients being able to interface directly with our hub structure who provide 24 hour support and are thus constantly available.

Less than 5% of costs in supplementary DAs.
port calls handled per annum

“By moving to email free communications our operators are each saving 2 to 3 hours of their valuable time each day.”


Voyage expenses are reduced by a strategic approach to cost management. S5 has created a Strategic Vendor Management Team so that they may translate local knowledge into international delivery.

Receive high quality services at competitive prices

Working with you, areas of concentrated spend can be identified through our systems database enabling action plans to be put in place. These aim to maximise and exploit the depth of local vendor relationships internationally. Our selection processes are designed to ensure that you receive quality services and products at the most competitive prices.

Time and cost management focus

S5 understands that time spent in port is of critical importance. A time and cost management focus is centrally managed and cascaded throughout the group with structured reporting for every call. Our systems also provide a graphical analysis and breakdown of key elements which affect your time in port. This enables you to benchmark different vessels, ports, and service providers within the chain.

“Handling our ships in port through defined and monitored processes… ….that is where the value is gained.”


Improved cash-flow is achieved through consolidated funding and billing in a single currency via the S5 Global Financial Hub. This then results in a dramatic reduction in the number of financial transactions required and makes final reconciliation that much easier.

Reduce financial transactions

In a traditional agency scenario, multiple daily transactions to different parts of world add complexity to the funding process. S5 ensures that all of your remittances are undertaken centrally. This guarantees that your funds are in the right place at the right time and reduces the chance for errors.

“We are looking at capability in global process management… it is the ability to manage and monitor defined processes which adds the extra value.”


Business Intelligence is a fast web-based tool which gives you the ability to drill into our systems database to retrieve management information to facilitate tactical as well as strategic decision making. It provides a window into operational and financial data and clients have found it particularly helpful in preparing cost management programs.

Unmatched Analytical Tool

Every day a large amount of information is communicated to clients, such as emails, cargo documents, statements of fact and disbursements accounts. Unfortunately much of the detail is immediately lost as there has been no means of capturing it under a traditional agency scenario. To add value S5 has integrated a management information tool into its systems in order to capture this data. This provides our clients with an unmatched analytical tool and online reporting capability where you can format, export, and share charts and reports.

Recent Developments

Recent developments include a graphic tool enabling you to drill into the details of vessel turnaround and benchmark different parts of the chain as well as being able to quickly identify areas of underperformance. Additionally, our compliance with your defined requirements is monitored and assured through online automated KPI reports.

“With the BI tool I can drill right down into my costs and extract data and graphics for my monthly reports.”