S5 Triumph: Flawless Drone Delivery at Singapore Anchorage

Posted by Thi Pham

Early October 2023, S5 Agency World completed its first drone delivery to bulk carrier “NORD MAGELLAN” (IMO. 9874961) whilst anchored at Singapore.  In partnership with drone services provider Skyports Drone Services, this collaboration enabled S5 Agency to embrace innovative drone technology and continue to reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact.

By working with an innovative company like Skyports Drone Services, we are able to adopt cutting-edge drone technology and complete successful deliveries to vessels. 

This innovative delivery marks a major milestone for S5 Agency as we embrace the drone technology to enhance operational efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. 

“This groundbreaking approach not only revolutionises how we operate, but also showcases our unwavering commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

Mak Sin Cherng – S5 Agency World’s Global Sales Manager

Mak also added: “As part of our sustainability goals, we are actively working towards reducing our overall emissions by 40% by 2025 and achieving net zero emissions by 2050.”

S5 team in Singapore

Sanjay Suresh, General Manager (APAC) of Skyports Drone Services said: “ “We are delighted to be able to partner with S5 Agency Worldwide on this project to enable another shipping company to realise the potential of electric drone operations. Working with the S5 Agency World team, we provide fast, safe, highly automated drone services, helping to reduce delays and wait times and support the adoption of more sustainable transport alternatives. “

This successful drone delivery represents an advancement that has the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the maritime industry. This has shown not only we deliver excellent customer service but also meet the ESG goals. This has set a new standard for eco-friendly vessel services. As an ESG practitioner, we are excited to continue leading the way in adopting innovative solutions that create business value and drive positive change.

Transitioning from launch boats to drones for delivering CTM to vessels at sea significantly enhances safety. By eliminating the need for agent to board vessels, drone deliveries reduce the common risks associated with such operations. This shows our commitment to ESG not just through environmental sustainability, but also by improving social welfare.

If you are looking to connect critical parts, small shipments, cash to master or collect samples, for more information on S5’s drone delivery services, please contact singapore@s-5.org or info@s-5.org for more information

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