These are the foundations which propel our business guiding our day to day decisions, attitudes, and behaviour but also underpinning our vision for the future.

S5 is committed to managing its business in a manner which adds social, environmental, and economic value. Our goal is to produce a positive, sustainable impact for you our client, and also for the wider community. We are committed to achieving the highest ethical standards and fully complying with international trade regulations and local laws. Our three core values are:


  • Trust is at the heart of our commercial relationships and is built upon transparency and honesty.


  • Our delivery is based on a commitment to on-going quality and productivity improvement which requires flexibility, reliability, and an attention to detail.


  • An openness to embracing change and new ideas as well as an international vision is core to meeting your changing needs.


  • We do not forget our collective responsibility toward the future of the oceans on which we rely. Our business approach is to create long-term value by taking into consideration how we operate in the ecological, social, and economic environment.