Maritime Payment Solutions, LLC (d/b/a ShipMoney), a global leader in maritime payment solutions, has signed a strategic business development agreement with S5 Agency World, one of the largest international providers of port agency services.

Under the agreement, S5 and ShipMoney will work together to educate the maritime industry on the benefits of moving away from cash and complicated payroll solutions to a more digital payment solution as part of the ongoing digitalization of the industry.

Providing further context for the relationship with S5, ShipMoney’s Founder and President Stuart Ostrow said: “Over the last year, there has been a significant increase in companies looking for alternatives to traditional cash-to-master services and by extension, to the payment of crew wages. A partnership with S5 made sound business sense given their understanding of this trend and their commitment to exploring new solutions for crew payments. The ShipMoney platform allows employers to pay crew in real time—reducing the need for onboard cash and expensive wires—while enabling seafarers to access their wages, send money home, shop, and more, while at sea or wherever they are in the world. Using ShipMoney cards and digital payments, masters can also pay for supplies and spares, decreasing the risk of piracy and theft. Accelerated by the pandemic, we are witnessing a historic shift towards cashless ships.”

“Partnering with ShipMoney was an easy decision as it fits with S5’s focus on the digitalization of the Industry. This digital solution will help S5 continue to bring value-added cost-saving solutions to our clients around the world. This strategic association is a continuation of S5’s commitment to providing clients with innovative digital solutions,” said Jason Berman, Chief Commercial Offices for S5 Agency World. “In addition to the process efficiencies gained with the ShipMoney digital card, it will also extend significant cost savings and reduction in the liabilities of delivering physical cash to vessels.”
In addition to facilitating crew payments, the ShipMoney Program offers customized solutions for international corporate remittances, money transfers, mobile top-ups, payroll advances, onboard expenses, and all other forms of shoreside and onboard payments.

About ShipMoney

Maritime Payment Solutions, LLC (d/b/a ShipMoney) is an industry-leading provider of payment solutions for maritime companies throughout the world, facilitating crew payroll payments, international corporate remittances, network payments, money transfers, mobile top-ups, payroll advances, onboard expenses and all other forms of shoreside and onboard payments. The founder of ShipMoney, Stuart Ostrow, was directly responsible for, and instrumental in the initial development of prepaid payment programs for the cruise line industry. ShipMoney is the second generation of that endeavor. ShipMoney is an operating subsidiary of Global Technology Partners, LLC. GTP is one of the largest international prepaid payment processors in the world providing services and programs in over 30 countries.

About S5 Agency World

S5 Agency World is a leading shipping industry partner offering global shipping agency services and hub solutions. The company extends its passion for shipping beyond services and into innovation that matters. S5 Agency World is committed to Making Shipping Easy and enable their clients to best run their business globally. We have the ambition be the world’s leading shipping services provider by delivering best-in-class services to our customers through continuous innovation. Acting as the one stop solution for charterers, ship managers and ship owners/operators in local ports all over the world, S5 Agency World gives its clients total confidence and transparency of what is taking place with their vessels and funds. With a focus on the detail, S5 is able to deliver the best in shipping agency services, from cargo services to owner husbandry services to international hub services. More information: