UltraShip and Global Port Agency S5 Leads the Way With Integration to Sertica

Ship Management company UltraShip and Global Port Agency S5 leads the way with integration to Sertica.

UltraShip and S5 have been long-term partners and have been developing their systems integrations as part of an automation project. The partnership project has now completed with full integration of S5’s Simply5 platform with Sertica. This integration covers all aspects of the financial process including funding, coding of invoices, archiving of line-item invoice images and reconciliations.

UltraShip Aps is S5’s first customer to implement the integration to this extent with Sertica. Before, all invoices were handled manually with multiple approvals and work flows and in multiple systems. After completing this integration, we have a single system for approval and all invoices flow through already coded with the correct GL codes. We can easily set approval access and setup automatic approvals if within given parameters. This saves us a huge amount of time with the approvals themselves as well as fund request, approval flows and month accruals.

Ulla Lange, Head of Accounting and Ship payroll at UltraShip says “the Simply5 system works very well for us, and with the new integration, we have minimized our administrative expenses and resources related to reconciliation, accruals, invoicing and payments.”

S5 can now offer integration with Sertica as part of a standard solution and is very easy, quick, and cost effective to launch.

“We see this integration as a huge benefit to all of our existing and potential clients who use Sertica. It has been a detailed process where both of our internal IT teams have worked to come up with customized solutions to meet the needs of UltraShip. We have just completed our 2020 year-end review and 2021 review meeting with UltraShip and are looking forward to working on our next area of time and cost saving projects together”, says Jason Berman, CCO of S5 Agency World.

About UltraShip
UltraShip ApS is a Ship Management company, responsible for crew and technical management of Ultragas and Ultrabulk owned vessels.  It operates a fleet of 18 LPG carriers and 3 dry bulk carriers.

A key priority for UltraShip is to integrate safety into all aspects of the operation, have the human element in center and have lean and effective processes.

UltraShip is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is a part of the Chilean Ultranav Group. Read more about UltraShip here: https://www.ultragas.dk/

 About S5 Agency World
S5 Agency World is a leading shipping industry partner offering global shipping agency services and hub solutions. The company extends its passion for shipping beyond services and into innovation that matters. S5 Agency World is committed to Making Shipping Easy and enable their clients to best run their business globally. We have the ambition be the world’s leading shipping services provider by delivering best-in-class services to our customers through continuous innovation. Acting as the one stop solution for charterers, ship managers and ship owners/operators in local ports all over the world, S5 Agency World gives its clients total confidence and transparency of what is taking place with their vessels and funds. With a focus on the detail, S5 can deliver the best in shipping agency services, from cargo services to owner husbandry services to international hub services. More information: www.s-5.org