Data partnership with Veson will increase transparency and deliver efficient, profitable port calls for vessel operators, every time

A new partnership between S5 and Veson Nautical sees S5’s Simply5 software provide a turnkey integrated solution with Veson’s IMOS Platform (VIP) to deliver a seamless transfer of data for joint customers. The partnership will simplify the process of managing communication, document management, and invoicing with local port services providers worldwide providing an integrated, one-stop-shop solution for owner/operators, pool managers and pure charterers.

The shipping industry faces increasingly complex and transformative challenges, and there is now a fundamental requirement to simplify the traditional approach to port agency.

Multiple contacts, remittances, pricing structures as well as convoluted communications processes are all features of the current approach that create major inefficiencies, with associated additional costs for ship owners and operators.

The new S5/Veson partnership delivers operational and financial process efficiencies and enhanced transparency and sustainability within the port environment through a turnkey integration combining the leading VMS provider and leading port services business.

S5 Delivers…

A single, trusted provider with a global hub structure for all port communications and finance

World-leading and flexible platform available at your finger-tips. Seamless, one-stop-shop solution

Benchmarking and analysis of vessel turnaround across your fleet and port calls

Better cashflow, fewer transactions and billing in just one currency via the S5 Global Financial Hub

Greater transparency across all operational and financial information for your fleet

24/7 support worldwide


  • A seamless link between the Veson IMOS Platform and Simply5 systems that allow users to maintain consistency and reliability across both tools
  • Automatic transfer of portcall details from Veson IMOS Platform to Simply5.
  • Simplified communication, document management and invoicing with local port services providers globally.
  • Increased efficiency and profitability on every port call.
  • Wider benchmarking of fleet performance across port calls.
  • Draw actionable insights from a sector-wide pool of benchmarking data.

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